Trapped! 1.1

Fun puzzle game for Palm PDAs

Trapped! is one of those rare action style puzzle games that you can play all day, just to have “one more go". Surprisingly quick to learn and extremely hard to put down, the higher levels demand a fair amount of skill to master.

When the game first starts, a few tiles, skulls and $ cash stacks are randomly placed in
the playing area, while most of the floor remains empty. Each subsequent level is loaded
with extra obstacles offering you more tricky games, harder to beat!

Fill in 70% or more of the open area, and unlock the Trap-door. Be careful! Weigh up the
double bonus points earned for uncovering and collecting gemstones, against your need
to make a safe exit before you run out of time.

Anticipate direction changes and press control keys well in advance to escape each level,
without getting Trapped!

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Trapped! 1.1

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